Falls mal einer stirbt, dachte ich daran, mit diesem neuen System Charaktere zu erzeugen, statt dem alten Punkteschieben:

To create a vampire using an Experience buy system I would use the following:

Make a Mortal with 1 dot in every attribute and no other dots. Spend a total of Experience 367 filling in their dots. You have a 70 exp cap on each attribute category (mental, physical or social). You have a 78 exp cap on each skill category (mental, physical or social). You have a 32 exp cap on merits.

To add the vampire template start with a blood potency of 1. Add 55 experience as you see fit.

Beginning Experience Caps
  • Per attribute category : 70 exp
  • Per Skill category (Knowledges) 78 exp
  • Merits 32 exp
  • Maximized use of attributes – 70+55+45 exp
  • Maximized use of Skills – 78+48+30+9 exp
  • Maximized value of Merits – 32 exp
Experience justification for turning into a vampire (für uns jetzt weniger interessant)
  • Maximized Favored attribute use 25 exp
  • Maximized discipline spending 5+10+15 = 30 exp


De Seminex Dementius